of the Association

"Organisation for Education and Family Switzerland-Gambia"




Article 1 (Name and registered office)


An association has been established under the name "Organisation for Education and Family Switzerland-Gambia" (O4E&F) pursuant to Article 60 et seq of the Swiss Civil Code, with registered office in Sarnen.



Article 2 (Purpose)


1   The purpose of the Association shall be to support education and families in Gambia, in particular through the following measures:


a)  to raise public awareness in Switzerland regarding the state of education and living conditions in Gambia;

b)  to provide financial support to students who, due to their family circumstances, are unable to pay school fees in order to receive a good education;

c)  to support educated persons on the labour market (sustainability);

d)  to support the basic needs of families during critical periods (health, food and housing).


2   In exceptional circumstances, payments falling under paragraph 1 may also be made in other regions of Africa, if it has been ascertained that there is a genuine need and that the funds will be used for their intended purpose.




Article 3 (Membership)


1      Membership of the Association shall be open to any person who is willing to contribute in any way to the achievement of the purpose of the Association.


2      Members may join or leave at any time.


3      Any member who acts in breach of the interests of the Association may be excluded by the general meeting, acting upon a proposal by the committee.




Article 4 (Governing bodies)


The governing bodies of the Association are:


-       the General Meeting;

-       the Committee;

-       the Representation Office in Gambia;

-       the Auditor.

Article 5 (General Meeting)


1      The General Meeting shall decide in relation to all matters except those transferred to the Committee.


2      It shall have in particular the following tasks:

-  to elect the Committee (at least 3 members);

-  to elect the President and the Auditor;

-  to elect a Representation Office in Gambia (at least 3 people);

-  to elect the contact person (Administrator) of this Representation Office in Gambia;

-  to set the annual subscription;

-  to approve the minutes of the previous meeting;

-  to certify the management report of the Committee;

-  to approve the annual accounts and to discharge the Committee;

-  to amend the Charter;

-  to dissolve the Association.


3      The ordinary General Meeting shall be called by the committee at least twenty days in advance.


4      An extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Committee or must be held if requested by the Auditor or at least ten members.




Article 6 (Voting rights)


1      All members shall be entitled to vote at the General Meeting. Each member shall have one vote.


2      Unless specified otherwise, resolutions and votes shall be passed by the General Meeting by a majority of the members present.




Article 7a (Committee)


1      The Committee shall be comprised of at least three members.

(President, Treasurer and Secretary)

The Committee and the President shall each be elected to two-year terms by the General Meeting. With the exception of the President (see Article 5(2)), the Committee shall be self-constituting.


2      The Committee shall be the management and executive body for the Association. It shall represent it internally and externally.


3      The Association may subject itself to obligations externally by the joint signature of two members of the Committee.


4      The Committee shall be quorate if attended by more than half of the members. All members of the Committee present shall have the same voting rights. In the event of a tie the President shall have the casting vote.


5      The Committee shall be called if proposed by the President or requested by a member of the Committee.


6      If members of the Committee leave during their term in office, the Committee shall propose a replacement, and the corresponding election must be confirmed at the next General Meeting.




Article 7b (Representation Office in Gambia)


1      The Representation Office shall be comprised of at least 3 people from Gambia (Administrator, Deputy and Schools' Representative)

2      The Administrator shall be the direct point of contact with the Committee.

He shall control all payments and present a written account of its activities.

3      The Committee shall regulate the rights and duties of the Representation Office in Gambia in separate Specifications.




Article 8 (Auditor)


1      The General Meeting shall elect an Auditor.


2      The Auditor must be qualified to examine accounting records and the annual accounts.


3      The term in office shall amount to 2 years and shall end at the ordinary General Meeting for which the audit report is to be compiled.


4      The accounting year shall coincide with the calendar year.




Article 9 (Funds)


The income of the Association shall be comprised of the annual membership subscriptions, donations, sponsorship money, campaign income and further income.




Article 10 (Use of funds)


1      The Association shall have an account in Switzerland and an account in Gambia.


2      As required, the necessary funds shall be transferred from the Swiss account to the account in Gambia.


3      The Representation Office in Gambia shall certify by a written management report that the funds in its currency have been paid out as discussed with the President and in accordance with the Charter.





Article 11 (Liability)


Liability for the obligations of the Association shall lie solely with the assets of the Association. The members shall bear no personal liability.




Article 12 (Dissolution)


1      The General Meeting may resolve to dissolve the Association with the approval of 2/3 of the members present.


2      Any remaining assets shall be deployed in Gambia in accordance with the purpose of the Association.



Article 13 (Charter)



1      The present Charter shall take effect upon approval by the Founders' Meeting.


2      It may be amended by the General Meeting with the approval of 2/3 of the members present.





This Charter was approved in this form by the Founders' Meeting of 27 June 2014 of the "Organisation for Education and Family Switzerland-Gambia.





The Founding President                                                          The Secretary




Max Lohner                                                                                  Kathryn Stern